It was actually an internal struggle deciding if I should start writing a blog.

This was back when blogging (web-log) was a new term. (My how times change).

At the end of the day, I decided it would be good practice to write before an audience that could give feedback.

I did not get much feedback other than my own critiques. (Real feedback did not occur until I started writing for

Below are highlights from my first year of writing, oh these ten years ago.

But first, the only series I will rank at the top. It was written when the Iraqi constitution was implemented and Americans knew next to nothing of its contents (and still don’t). I was (and am) quite agitated that Americans shed blood for an Islamic socialistic nation.

Socialism As “Progress Toward Peace”–Iraqi Constitution Pt. 1 (Part 2, 3, 4, 5)

From Cradle To Grave–Iraqi Constitution Pt. 6/6

And now, in no particular order:

1. Hell Hound…”Devil Dog. A mutated, malformed, monstrosity of a mutt. A baleful, chthonic, gruesome freak straight from the Grand Guignol itself.”

2. Stop Pick’n On Me!

3. Sow the Wind; Reap the Whirlwind

4. 1’s or 0’s?

5. Blame It On God—Lessons From Katrina, Pt. 1 (Part 2, Part 3)

6. Reinventing Church…Business

7. Verbal Vomit or Golden Apples?

8. Fourth of July, Apple Pie…and God’s Law?

9. Email-List Withdrawals

10. Philosopher-Kings & Court Jesters


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