Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts_2015[In light of the new revelations about the abortion mill, Planned Parenthood, working out the logic of their mad system, I am republishing some past articles on abortion:]

The killing of unborn children is a blight upon this land. It is a prime example of unfettered lust trampling upon the rights of others. It is private and secret tyranny of the worse sort.

If left unchecked, it is also a precursor to ever-growing apathy and public tyranny. How?

If the most obvious of morally egregious acts—murdering an unarmed child—can be casually overlooked, then how much more lesser morally egregious acts—say the assassination of an undesirable American citizen?

America swallowed the camel, so why strain at a gnat? Especially if he is a distasteful figure like Anwar al-Awlaki. Ordered assassinated by the White House without a public trial, arrest warrant and other like rights of all other Americans, in September of 2011, Anwar was destroyed by a drone missile, along with another innocent American.

Even the ACLU is worried about this precedent. Earlier this year, the courts rejected the attempt to open the secret rules and names of the White House hit list.

They are worried about secret tyranny, not unlike the private tyranny of abortion.

When America legalized abortion, she sowed the seeds of indifference to life. Now, almost forty years later, the seeds have matured with a president indifferent to the rights of born Americans. This progression should surprise no one.

If citizenship cannot protect the life of unborn child, why should it protect the due process of born Americans?

This violation of rights will continue as long as many Americans are comfortable with the more important violation of rights: abortion. May God change the hearts of more Americans before it is too late.


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