This is a compilation of all my stuff on a Christian view of voting. I was an idealist voter for 25 years. Then I did my homework.
First the shorter reads. Then the longer Sunday school series.

Shorter stuff:

Audio interview with Janet Mefferd (20 minutes in)

Main short essay:  How Christians Should Vote

“Article written by a friend and fellow pastor Shawn Mathis. Wise and balanced approach.”–Rev. Klynsma

“Dear Pastor Mathis: Thanks so much for this reasoned (both via Scripture and logic) approach to voting. Most Christians haven’t really thought about this beyond vague obligations to be moral. Many evaluate such articles solely by “who” might be supported, so if they see a Trump or Obama mention — or the lack thereof — they will either agree or reject the argument for purely personal reasons. But your article tries to ferret-out the Bible’s “rules” for voting, and I think your findings are very helpful. It’s the best approach I’ve seen anywhere, whether private or published. You’ve chosen your vocabulary and categories very carefully — I can tell.This article merits much thought. I hope many see it and forward/pass it around. Thanks again, The Rev. Dr. R. E. Knodel, Jr. (”


How Important is the Election of 2016?

Christian Goals in the Election of 2016

Some Thoughts about the Election of 2016
…do you think fear should not be involved in our voting? Read this article.

Fear and Loathing during the Election of 2016

Longer stuff:

Sunday school series: How Christians Should Vote

It starts with a proper understanding of what Sola Scriptura is and is not. And ends with the nitty-gritty of applying God’s principles to voting.

Endorsement of lesson 11:

This lesson on “voting” is excellent! It exfoliates a whole lot of the blarney (especially from Christians) from one’s skin, and leaves the listener feeling clean! Loved some of his biblical allusions, comparisons and illustrations — including his first one from founder James Madison! This is a definite improvement on “voter-thinking” and systematizes the subject so that the Christian voter has an apparatus by which to approach his voting booth. Well-done OPC TE, Shawn Mathis!”–Dr. *** Knodel, author of Lifestyle: Biblical/Philosophical Study of Christianity and the Culture it Produces”

Sunday school outline here.
Syllogistic outline here.

May the Lord bless this work for His glory. He taught me not to idolize voting and I hope to help others.



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