Part 1 is up at Barbwire. It is part of a series of essays summarizing my 12 week course on How Christians Should Vote.

Endorsement for the Sunday school lecture 11:

This lesson on “voting” is excellent! It exfoliates a whole lot of the blarney (especially from Christians) from one’s skin, and leaves the listener feeling clean! Loved some of his biblical allusions, comparisons and illustrations — including his first one from founder James Madison! This is a definite improvement on “voter-thinking” and systematizes the subject so that the Christian voter has an apparatus by which to approach his voting booth. Well-done OPC TE, Shawn Mathis!”–Dr. Dick Knodel, author of Lifestyle: Biblical/Philosophical Study of Christianity and the Culture it Produces
(This is part 11 of a 12 part series).




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