With the recent legal redefinition of marriage, it is natural that Christians all over America will be in mourning. It will sit heavily upon their souls. It will detract their minds from work and play.

And that is exactly why I will not preach about this historical event. They do not need a diatribe against the obvious evils of America. Instead, the people of God need comfort and courage in these dark days.

And that comfort and courage comes from the Gospel. And my duty as a minister of the Gospel is to preach that Gospel of comfort and courage.

The comfort will come from learning about God’s love for His people as expressed in the Covenant of Grace. My text will be Genesis 15:17-21, continuing my series through that book. There God’s covenantal love is first expressed in such striking imagery.

The comfort of the covenant is a comfort of knowing that God loves us in spite of our sins.

The courage will come from learning about God’s power for His people as expressed in the Covenant of Grace. When Christians are reminded that God is greater than this world, they will learn anew that God is in control.

The courage of the covenant is a courage of knowing that all things work for the good of them that love Him, even the tragic decision to legalize what is morally reprehensible before God.

This does not mean anyone who does preach about this issue is in sin. There are ways of doing such that will bring people closer to God.

But for myself, these are the reasons why I will preach on God’s covenant instead of America’s demise.


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