The decision to create and codify a law that trumps God’s natural law is a sad day. It is yet another day of infamy showing the true colors of America’s society.

True, in many ways it is not as bad as another more important day of infamy, January 22, 1973—a day when private murder of the unborn was also created and codified by law.

But it is bad nonetheless.

Like the attempted assassination of Reagan and the fall of the Twin Towers, this is a day that will be seared into our minds until heaven.

It is one of those days we will tell our children and our children’s children (if we are so blessed). They will sit at our feet and ask about those days at the twilight of American civilization.

The history books will likely get many facts wrong at that future time. And any living conservative witnesses will be ignored since the major news and social media will not “support” hate speech.

But it matters not. Truth will win out. History is littered with days of infamy and anarchy and open rebellion against Nature and Nature’s God.

That is why as dismal as this day is, it is good to remember that it is only another day of infamy in a history of infamous days before the coming of Christ. And Christ willreturn and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.

Then the days of infamy will be no more. And there will be no more sad days.

Maranatha. Come quickly.


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