Public vs. Social Justice

My sermon series from Micah about public justice in an age of mutilated “social justice.” It is based upon the Westminster Larger Catechism and is organized by chapter and verse of Micah, from beginning to end. Public justice must include a discussion of love and the law of God. That is covered in my three-part series and other sermons listed after the Micah series.:

Public Justice in the book of Micah:

  1. Depriving the Middle Class
  2. It’s OK to be Middle Class
  3. Cannibals in America
  4. Perverting Justice Destroys Nations
  5. A Two-Fold Reformation
  6. Justice For Today (Part 1)
  7. Jusstice For Today (Part 2)
  8. God’s Social Justice
  9. A Nation Full of Traitors
  10. Fight Oppression
  11. Justice for Neighbors (Zechariah 8:16-17)

What, Who and How to Love:

  1. What is Supernatural Love?
  2. How To Love?
  3. Who Should We Love?
  4. Hatred of the Brethren
  5. Sheep to the Slaughter
  6. The Christian Life Is…
  7. Importance of Family Love
  8. Who Is My Mother?
  9. Sin of Neglecting Natural Affections