Second Sexual Revolution Series

From about 2012 I began writing about sexual-political issues even as I was researching the related moral issue of resisting such legal changes. Here is the fruit of my labors (all documented) for you to catch up with details missing in much of the media to this day. These articles are especially written for the great number of American social moderates, the swing voters who could make a difference if they truly understood the extent of the danger. More articles are forthcoming:

  1. The Second Sexual Revolution: Growing Consensus For Polygamy, Pedophilia
  2. How American Churches Helped Fuel The Second Sexual Revolution
  3. Christian Lawyers are the Next Target of the Second Sexual Revolution
  4. Transgender Church Membership? Lesson for Church without Formal Membership
  5. Transgenderism not result of erratic hormones scientists conclude
  6. American Public Health Association admits LGB health problems, blames society
  7. Supreme Court needs to read latest science on marriage: Gender and Parenthood
  8. India and Australia legally redefine human nature