I thought I’d start writing about local goings-on. I live in a swing-state. And I live in a swing-county. And I occasionally attend the Jefferson County Republican Men’s Club Monday morning breakfast meeting at the behest of one of my parishioners. I often find it informative, especially the proof-of-corruption stories give by eye-witnesses.

This is stuff local news will not cover because it is not typically corruption by conservatives (note, I did not write “Republican”).

And there are the stories of outside influence on local politics.┬áThe recent voting to kick out the conservatives on the school board is proof that Big Teachers Unions have local power if only because they have more money to buy outside workers to pass out petitions–many locals at this meeting give eye-witness accounts of this.

What is worse is that the teacher’s union and their minions passed on disinformation that even confused conservatives. I heard one of the board members explain the situation and prove that they had made a difference, even creating a new school building without raising the mil levy!

State-wide issues are also covered at this meeting. So my local readers can learn important things. The videos of various speakers (even State Attorneys) is here. I spoke there recently, the first minister to ever do so in the many years of the club’s existence.

Frank Teunissen gave his pitch for Jefferson County Commissioner this time around. He gave all the right answers and looks to be the guy to vote for if you live in Jefferson County.

On the corruption end, I learned that the Belmar area (used to be the ol’ Villa Italia Mall) no longer pays dues to support the local fire department. They get free protection. Or rather the rest of the district picks up the tab for them because of crony capitalism.

So over time I will have a collection of relevant issues for local people as well as further proof of the unjust actions of many leaders locally and state-wide. Lord willing, this will be helpful for people and motivation to fight the good fight.


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