As one reader noted, I am focusing on a specific type of Christocentric preaching. One gentleman called it “Covenant Preaching,” others call is “Gospel preaching.”

My first essay details that position from a series of essay published in the New Horizons.

Unfortunately, the OPC website does not offer a link to the trilogy. It only offers a link to a larger list of “feature” articles. For those who wish to compare my critique with the original, here are the three essays:

  1. Covenant Preaching Part 1
  2. Covenant Preaching Part 2
  3. Covenant Preaching Part 3

I will continue to develop my critique and offer a positive alternative in light of our Reformed tradition, Confession and Catechisms.

My four essays are on this page.

I typically publish on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Stay tuned!


1 thought on “Update on “Gospel Preaching” Series of Critiques

  1. I have enjoyed the whole series critiquing Covenant Preaching. I tell my “Gospel-centered” cohorts that I also preach “Gospel-Centered” sermons. Since the Greek word translated as Gospel was used by nations to celebrate a new emperor, the installment of an emperor, or the birth of a new emperor, then that means a Gospel-centered sermon will focus on His work, His Law, His judgments, etc.

    Side note, your first line reads “As on reader noted,” but it should read, “As one reader noted.”

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