I started collecting the studies of sex differences in the summer of 2017 during the Damore-Google debacle. Over two years later I have over 70 pages of links and abstracts of such studies, both sociological and biological, including weak studies and meta-studies.

Such knowledge is desperately needed in this day and age of rank gaslighting on the issues of sex differences, even within the church, yes, conservative churches.

Differences, of course, are not absolute and differ among individuals. But in sufficiently large group settings or in the right circumstances they can and do make a difference.

I plan on posting such articles weekly with little to no comment or explanations. May they help America and especially the Church of the Living God.

Sex-Related Neuroanatomical Basis of Emotion Regulation Ability


4 thoughts on “Sex-Related Neuroanatomical Basis of Emotion Regulation Ability

  1. I sent along similar data in the form of Louann Brezendine’s work on the topic of biological sex differences in behavior to Rachel Miller. Obviously, she didn’t approve my comment. I read through her citations of Doug Wilson’s writings on the topic of sex roles and marriage and it appears her main beef is not with Wilson but with Lemuel’s mother, Peter, Paul, Creation, and God.

    You predicted the rise of feminism in “conservative” NAPARC churches a couple of years ago. What do you win? Besides you, are any ministers going to take a real stand against the wicked culture seeping into our churches?

    1. The two great debates the churches are not prepared for Sex & Race. I’m focusing on the first, both wrt the queer agenda and the sex-differences debate. The two meld into one goal: the queering of the church.

  2. A VERY LATE comment (having come across your website related to the Revoice insanity): be wary of such studies! As a walking oxymoron, a Christian Psychiatrist, I frequently point out to other believers that there is a huge worldview issue being thrust upon us constantly: conflation of brain with mind. There are certainly observable relationships between brain states and mind states (cognition, emotion, volition) but our current cultural materialist-atheist worldview seeks to “lose the mind” so to speak. There is a clear problem with establishing ANY immaterial object in a purely materialistic world (you sure don’t want to allow any of that “GOD TALK”, much less mention of miracles … or even objective morality, but that is another area). They are changing the rules so that all one has is a brain, this physical organ.

    Such a view is also strongly supported due to greed & desire for control by the pharmaceutical industry. By reducing mental qualities to simple ‘brain states’ one can then argue for only using physical/chemical treatment modalities.

    I do enjoy pointing out a longstanding issue: why don’t people with ‘chemical brain diseases’ (something true Bipolar Disorder seems to be) “stay fixed” when placed on effective medication? Why do they so often stop their meds & relapse? Even such things as ‘beliefs’ are unsupportable in a purely physical/materialist system. Alvin Plantinga did a marvelous job of demonstrating why naturalism/materialism is self-defeating, and this is simply a corollary.

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