The streets are almost empty.  Many restaurants are empty. Stores are closed.

People are gathered together.  Food is prepared. Schedules are rearranged. They are dedicated. They are focused.

But it is not dedication and organization for worship on the Lord’s Day.

Or rather, it is about worship, just not the worship of God.

Where the heart is there its treasure will be.

This is the 50th Super Bowl. And Denver is at the peak of their game. And the fans of the Broncos are at their peak dedication.

When given a choice between the passing of the bread and wine and the passing of  the pigskin, most fans choose the latter.

Fans would rather hear the announcers preach the glories of football than the glories of God.

The empty streets and empty stores harken to an era (only sixty years ago!) when (nominally) God’s Day was honored.

Now, the effort it takes to avoid restaurants and stores, to gather food and organize time for worship is too much for too many.

Unless it is for a worthy cause.

Where our heart is there our treasure will be.

Where our efforts lie is where our dedication is found.

May God bring repentance to those who know better and enlightenment to the uninformed.

(For a biblical defense of the Lord’s Day, listen to this sermon).


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