Welcome to my new home in cyberspace. After nearly six years of industrious work at Examiner.com (well over 300 Butterfly_side view_by_toniambsarticles), I suddenly found myself without a writing platform. (The full story is here).

Now I have one.

And it is not full of the flickering distractions of advertisement. As a bonus, I have more freedom to write, compose, create and otherwise bang out whatever comes out of the chaos of my mind. I can use the first person. I have the ability to use passive verbs. Or just use fragments.

More importantly, my content need no longer be censored, erased or otherwise obliterated into pixels. To that end I will be slowly gathering my scattered articles onto this new platform.

And this is a better platform, a cleaner interface and an opportunity to write more articles about more topics.

I can now organize articles by topic and use ad hoc article tags and maybe add some media—there will be an upcoming live and interactive talk about moving beyond family integrated churches from Google Hangout!

Perhaps, guest writers will be added as well. Why not? After all, we Christians need to stick together in a post-Christian America.

Again, welcome to my new home in cyberspace—a new home and a new beginning.


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