With Mr. Phillip’s recent public admission of an “inappropriate relationship” with another woman, there has been much speculation on internet websites and blogs.

Not all the speculation is coming from those who disagree with his approach to patriarchy, homeschooling or family integrated churches. Some who think well of him have assumed things not specifically written in his resignation letter. Of course, some who disagree with him have also assumed things not specifically written in his resignation letter.

But it is the local governing body that knows the details. All the public has are some particulars from the confessing party. Thus Christian wisdom mixed with Christian love would simply leave the things unwritten as unsaid.

The most that could be pronounced about the whole incident has been expressed by those with many decades of counseling: pray for God’s glory and the believer’s sanctification, which includes not only Mr. Phillips but the woman and his wife and family.

However, concerning his public resignation from Vision Forum, some basic questions can be asked: is he resigning from Vision Forum Ministries only? Or is he also resigning from Vision Forum, Inc.? The latter is a for-profit business that sends out a catalog and sells books and lectures. The former is a non-profit 501c3 organization (according to the biography).

It is still unknown if he will be stepping down as an ecclesiastical Elder at the Boerne Christian Assembly. The website still has his name listed as an Elder and has made no formal public statement about Mr. Phillip’s public confession of sin.

Prayerfully, speculation will cease while Christians continue to pray. Let all pray that God be glorified and those involved be further sanctified toward humility and holiness in the Lord.


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