In an online public statement at Vision Forum Ministries, on October 30, Doug Phillips admitted to, and repented of, a “lengthy, inappropriate relationship with a woman.”

He stepped down as president of Vision Forum and stopped all speaking engagements. It is unclear if he has stepped down as an Elder at Boerne Christian Assembly (his name is still listed on the website).

He went on to clarify: “While we did not ‘know’ each other in a Biblical sense, it was nevertheless inappropriately romantic and affectionate.” He acknowledged this “serious sin” by repentance before God, his wife, family, local church and the board of Vision Forum Ministries.

Doug Phillips was originally a lawyer for the Home School  Legal Defense Association. He is an elder at Boerne Christian Assembly. He is especially known as a vocal proponent of an aggressive patriarchy, radical homeschooling and one of the chief founders of the family integrated church movement. He started Vision Forum in 1998 and helped start and lead the National Center for Family Integrated Churches 12 years ago.

He is a well-known speaker in many Christian homeschooling circles, having spoken at over 100 conferences in 42 states.  His views have influenced thousands of Christians, especially through his mail-in catalog company, Vision Forum.

Accordingly, he has accrued many dissenters and strong opponents. Yet websites such as Homeschoolers Anonymous and Spiritual Sounding Board were mostly objective in their reporting of the recent event.

Those who disagree with Mr. Phillips’ positions or practices need to pray for him and his family. As Paul reminds all:  “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall” (1 Corinthians 10:12).

Even though this is a serious public sin besmirching the name of Christ and His Body, it is not beyond the humbling and healing power of the Spirit.

Pray that this will bring greater good to God’s people.


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