From PolyMathis to Barbwire

Willing to Gab

Greetings one and all.

As you may quickly find out, I am not a true polymath (hence, aspiring), but a wannabe (besides, the word fit so well with my last name!). Publishing a blog is my way of gabbing with you and forcing myself to learn more about God’s creation as well. I hope to bring a plethora of articles on various topics to the forefront–recommendations are welcomed (which I may or may not follow through with!).

As I write this I am in the midst of finishing up my class on Calvin’s insitutes, reading “Lest We Forget” (history of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church), organizing class notes on Worship, thinking about how to blog and how to connect with the Reformed aggregate, and planning on picking up my wife (who, by the way, is closer to being a polymath since her B.S. is in math!).
(P.S. I think I fixed the comment problem)

Soli Deo Gloria (SDG)….


Thus began my writing career, lo, these ten years. My first blog posting took me on a journey of self-discovery, as I became more comfortable writing in cyberspace.

A few years after starting Aspiring Polymathis (still up here), a church member discovered  They specialized in local news from a local perspective.

They had a slot open for Christian writers from Denver. No questions asked. Just submit two essays and a topic idea for the future writing endeavor.

At the time I was teaching and practicing apologetics downtown at the Auraria College campus (even had a MySpace page).

So I submitted two essays. And suggested that I could write as the Denver Christian Apologetics Examiner. They accepted me. I could write without restrictions.

They paid diddly, but I did not care. It was a writing assignment! About two essays a month. I quickly pushed it to weekly. And stayed (or rather struggled) at weekly articles for the next six years.

About a year later, I moved from the restrictive apologetics domain to any and all topics as the Denver Christian Perspectives Examiner.

And then this summer, before, during and after the Obergfell ruling, I wrote one-too-many pro-family, anti-Obergfell articles and was canned.

And now I write for Barbwire.

Who’d have thunk it? I certainly did not. But God did. Praise be His name.

So, in celebration of ten years of writing, I will republish some of my old Polymathis articles. I am still republishing my Examiner articles as well.

Here are some of my articles as an apologist.

Here are some of my other articles over the last six years.

Here’s to ten more years for God’s glory.


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