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I have been asked on several occasions to release my secret alternative news list. For those who know little of me, for about six years I wrote news and opinion pieces for a national news source until they canned me. I was never a professional journalist as such but I learned to track down news details missing in the mainstream media.

With no further ado, here is my list with accompanying comments, suggestions and warnings. (For those who still rely upon the mainstream media, please watch Veritas, brush up on Wikileaks and read this and this).


  1. Mainstream Media. This includes the Big Three (NBC, ABC, CBS), CNN, New York Times, etc. After the year-long expose of many of these sources by Wikileaks, Veritas and other journalists, I now treat them like Wikipedia: often useful for basic news facts: who, when, where but not much more. And given their practice of omitting relevant stories and facts, I never use them by themselves and rarely with each other. I want another source to verify just like I would with Wikipedia. 
  2. One American News. This is a Fox alternative (yes, Fox is not my friend. Their owner told them to tilt their coverage for “anyone but Trump”). It is more news-oriented, claiming their cable news feed offers more news per hour than any other (I believe them. Check them out here).
  3. Washington Examiner and Daily Caller. Daily Caller was founded by Tucker Carlson. These sites are the (mostly) alter-ego to Washington Post and Huffington Post.
  4. Conservative Tree House. This is more opinion than news. But the news they gather is useful and quicker to find than trying to dig into Daily Caller and the like. He specializes in economics and draining the swamp with a smattering of social news (eg. NFL). His theory that Trump is using economic leverage to change the behavior of nations (like China, skip to the listing of Squeezes) is compelling. Big Trump fan. Not a good writer but useful. Here’s his useful view on so-called global markets.
  5. Refugee and Immigration News. This is directly related to demographics and economics. Bringing in too many immigrants without assimilation is a real problem.  Economically, this hurts American workers. And the relative flood of immigrants is being pushed by an ahistorical narrative about American immigration. Refugee Resettlement Watch is useful given that the author was a standard political Liberal until her small town was swamped without notice by immigrants. She uncovered the money-scheme of religious non-profit groups pushing for resettlements. Center for Immigration Studies is another site I check out now and then.
  6. Smaller News  Sources via Facebook feed: Charles Campbell is a conservative secularist. I, Hypocrite gives screen shots of real events and pictures that show the looney Left is alive and well (Warning: this is a secular f/b page). Hawaii Parent Coalition keeps me abreast of the accelerating sexualization of school children. Mass Resistance was started over a decade ago to warn the rest of the nation what the LGQBTI agenda is doing to Massachusetts. These latter sources remind me of the underreported social issues that are eating the foundation of our children’s future in America.
  7. European News. This is a hodgpodge in my Twitter feed. Usually someone quoting someone else. It shows (again) the underreporting by the American Media of immigration issues that are ballooning in Europe (and we are next). Gates of Vienna specializes in European news with translations and original sources.
  8. Opinion. This list is diverse and includes sites that have offensive writers. This is especially true for the Unz Review. But if you want alternative, that is alternative. Pat Buchanan and Andrew Napolitano publish there. Garrett Jones on Twitter. He’s not conservative but offers underreported studies.
  9. Science and Technology. I use Feedly as a news feed for my phone and desktop. CREV.Info is the place for science and evolutionary news from the perspective of Christian scientists. They give you the science unfiltered from the other science sites. TechCrunch and Engadget are standard fare. Science Daily is standard fare as well.
  10. Education. Any homeschooling leader quoting homeschooling statistics better read International Center for Home Education Research Reviews. And for generally bad news about goings-on in the ever-decaying public school system, EAG News.


Naturally I do not endorse any and all writers and news sites listed. Nor do I read everything here. Rather I browse through the titles. Use discretion. My training in the sciences and engineering help me discern the usefulness of studies and polls. So if you want my opinion on news and essays, just follow me on twitter or Facebook!

For the truth in a confused and failing Republic.


2 thoughts on “Suggested Alternative News Sites

  • November 8, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    Thanks for the list of alternative news sources.

    I occasionally check Breitbart and Drudge, as well as news sources from other countries.

    “Accurate news” is becoming an oxymoron, similar to true gossip.

  • December 2, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    I also recommend Blue Lives Matter and


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